Order management for B2B is a difficult task to do manually. It means keeping track of orders, stock, and contact between different teams within the business. In this blog, we’ll talk about everything about B2B order management, from what it is to the problems that can come up when dealing with it. We will also talk about the different kinds of B2B order management solutions, such as standalone order management systems (OMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, and retail and B2B operations platforms. Effective B2B order management can improve the tracking and handling of orders, streamline inventory management, and improve communication between teams, all of which can lead to happier customers and more sales. Also, we’ll talk about how B2B order management can help online shops by managing orders across all sales platforms, making the supply chain less complicated, pricing segmentation, promotions, and processing bulk orders. Lastly, we’ll talk about Rapidor, the right B2B order management system that helps you reach your sustainability goals and adapts to any business complexity while improving scalability and performance.

What is B2B Order Management?

The process of handling and filling orders in a business-to-business setting is called B2B Order Management. It requires keeping track of orders and shipments and keeping customers up to date on the state of their orders. B2B order management tools make business operations more efficient by automating tasks like order fulfilment, tracking, and combining. They show order information, which helps businesses make sure orders are delivered on time and that customers are happy. With a B2B order management system, businesses can save money on customer service and make customers happier by getting their goods to them more quickly. B2B Order Management systems are a must-have for businesses that want to improve their customer service and streamline their processes.

Key Challenges Faced in B2B Order Management

B2B order management can be difficult, especially with big orders. Poor order management can lead to a number of problems, like inefficiency and product delivery delays. It can lead to lost sales and unhappy customers, which is not good for a business that wants to grow. Poor order management can also lead to inaccurate reporting and higher costs for customer service. Poor order management can also cause companies to waste resources and become less productive. Lastly, when there are mistakes or inconsistencies in the order management system, financial and administrative costs tend to go up. So, it’s important to spend money on a good B2B order management system if you want to avoid these problems and streamline the process to make your business more productive and profitable.

Having trouble keeping track of various sales channels?

Managing various sales channels is one of the most difficult parts of B2B order management. B2B orders often involve a number of different platforms and customer touchpoints, like online marketplaces, direct sales teams, and distributors. To be able to handle these tasks well, you need to know what the customers want and how they want it.

Order tracking and tracing can also be hard because the standards for processing orders are so complicated. Keeping track of inventory levels across various channels can also be hard. But integrated order management software can help you keep track of customer feedback and handle orders better. This can help you make your business run more smoothly, make fewer mistakes, and give better customer service generally. You can stay ahead of the competition and increase the success of your business by investing in the right tools and methods for B2B order management.

Communication problems between field sales teams and teams in charge of supplies, purchasing, and finances

Communication problems between field sales teams and inventory / procurement / finance teams are one of the biggest problems in B2B order management. These gaps can lead to inefficient order processing and order processing mistakes, causing the wrong orders to be made, which can hurt the company’s finances.

There’s a chance that field sales teams don’t have correct information about how much inventory is available or how much it costs, which can lead to misunderstandings and delays in filling customer orders. To deal with these problems, companies need to put in place a complete order processing system that makes it easier for all teams involved in order fulfilment to talk to each other. By doing this, businesses can make sure that orders are filled correctly and on time, which makes customers happier and improves overall efficiency.

Stock often runs out all at once.

Inventory management is one of the most difficult aspects of B2B order management. It can be hard to keep track of inventory and make sure that there are always items for sale. With a system like Order Manager, this problem can be solved. 

Order Manager makes it easy to keep track of and handle orders from the time they are made until they are filled. This keeps you from running out of stock or having too much of it. Businesses can avoid losing sales because they can’t fill orders if they can set up alerts for when product levels get low.

Overall, effective inventory management is a key part of B2B order management, and a system like Order Manager can make this process go much more smoothly.

Advantages of Good B2B Order Management

Effective B2B order management can help businesses in many important ways. First, it can improve the speed and accuracy of order fulfilment while reducing mistakes. With streamlined processes, companies can also reduce the time and money it takes to process orders. This gives the business more resources to use in other areas.

B2B order management also helps customers and sellers talk to each other better. This makes customer satisfaction and service better. Customers can easily keep track of their items and get updates in real time about when they will arrive. Additionally, businesses can use system data to improve inventory management, resource allocation, and waste reduction choices. Overall, putting money into effective B2B order management pays off because it improves business efficiency, cuts costs, and makes customers happier.

Better tracking and handling of orders

Effective B2B order management can help businesses in many ways, like making it easier to track and handle orders. With the right ordering system, a business can easily keep track of things like the status of orders, the orders that have been placed, and the shipments that have been made. This knowledge can help improve inventory management and shipping, making operations more efficient overall.

Effective order management can improve customer happiness and retention in addition to making operations run more smoothly. Businesses can give better service to their customers by giving them accurate and up-to-date information about the state of their orders and where their packages are. This, in turn, can make customers more loyal and bring them back. Overall, businesses that want to streamline their processes and make customers happier need to set up a good B2B order management system.

Inventory management has been simplified.

Efficient B2B order management has a number of key benefits, including improved inventory management. By keeping track of orders well, companies can improve the flow of information and reduce the chance of running out of stock. This helps cut down on the amount of time it takes to process orders and ship goods.

Tracking inventory is an important part of running an order management system well. By keeping track of their stock, companies can avoid having too much of a product and make sure they always have enough to fill orders.

Order management that is effective can help improve customer satisfaction in addition to better inventory management. By taking care of orders quickly and correctly, companies can reduce the number of customer complaints and make sure that customers get their goods on time. In the end, this makes customers more loyal and brings them back to the business.

Better team dialogue and working together

Effective B2B order management can help your business in a number of important ways. One of the most important is for teams to talk to each other and work together better. With an effective order management system in place, everyone involved in the process can get real-time information about orders, inventory levels, and shipping progress.

Tracking and tracing orders are also very important parts of good order management. By being able to find and fix problems quickly, you can reduce the chance that customer orders will be late or wrong.

Order management software can automate many parts of the order handling and shipping process. This gives your team more time to work on other parts of the business. This automation can also help improve precision and reduce mistakes.

Overall, good B2B order management can help your business grow more quickly by making customers happier and cutting down on waste. By improving communication between teams and streamlining your processes, you can make sure that your customers get their orders on time and with few mistakes.

More satisfied customers and more money from sales.

Effective B2B order management can lead to a number of benefits, such as happier customers and more sales. By making your order process easier, you can give your customers a better overall experience and make sure that their orders are filled correctly and on time.

Effective order processing and recording can also help you keep track of your inventory levels, so you always have the right amount of stock. Also, accurate tracking information for order fulfilment and shipping can help prevent delivery delays or mistakes, which will make customers happier.

Overall, good B2B order management can lead to more sales and better customer satisfaction by making it easy for customers to place orders.

How B2B order management can help online stores in key ways

B2B Order Management can help online shops in a lot of different ways. By using this solution, businesses can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty because it streamlines the buying process and gives accurate information about inventory levels and order status. B2B Order Management also cuts down on the time it takes to process orders and boosts sales and lead conversion rates by automating jobs like tracking orders, sending invoices, and processing payments.

Also, B2B Order Management has tools like automated follow-up emails, targeted marketing campaigns, and personalised offers that can help businesses manage their leads better. Businesses can also avoid running out of goods or having too many of them on hand because they can see the status of orders in real time. This saves money on storage costs and keeps customers happy. Overall, putting in place a solid B2B Order Management system can help businesses gain a competitive edge in the market and improve their bottom line.

Simplify the supply chain.

B2B Order Management can help online stores in many ways, but one of the most important ways is by making the supply chain simpler. Online stores can track orders from the time they are made until they are delivered by using software for order management. This information can help improve the flow of goods through the supply chain, cutting down on delays and making things run more smoothly.

Order management software can also help spot and fix problems that come up during the buying process. This can help make sure that orders are filled quickly and correctly, which can make customers happier and encourage them to buy from you again. Overall, online shops that want to improve their supply chain operations can benefit greatly from using B2B Order Management software.

Pricing by Group

Pricing segmentation is a key way that B2B order management can help online shops. This marketing approach lets businesses charge different prices for the same product or service. This can help them stand out from their competitors and attract different types of customers.

To make the most money, you can use different pricing strategies, such as charging more for premium goods or services or giving discounts for large orders. By using B2B order management to segment prices, companies can reach their ideal customers and make the most money possible.

Price segmentation is just one of the benefits of B2B order management. Other benefits include streamlined buying processes and better inventory management. Businesses can greatly improve their online presence and success by using these answers and strategies.

B2B Advertising

Using B2B order management can help online shops in a number of ways. B2B sales are an important way that it can help a business grow. By automating order processing and tracking, companies can offer discounts or free shipping to their customers more easily.

B2B order management can also help businesses speed up the process of fulfilling and delivering orders. This can reduce the amount of customer complaints and help desk tickets, which can make customers happier and more loyal.

Overall, B2B order management can be a good way for a business to improve its customer service and keep more customers. It is a good investment for any online store that wants to grow and win in today’s competitive market because it can automate processes and streamline workflows.

Effectively handle large orders

One of the main ways that B2B order management can help online shops is by making it easier for them to handle large orders. B2B order management can speed up the buying process by automating the process of ordering from suppliers. This is done with the help of a centralised order management system that lets you watch the status of orders, find and fix problems quickly, and shorten the time it takes for orders to be filled.

By using a B2B order management system, online stores can improve their sales and profits, among other things. Customers are more likely to have a good experience with your store if there are fewer mistakes and faster handling times. Your store can make more money over time if it is more efficient and has lower costs.

Rapidor: The Right B2B Order Management Solution

Rapidor is a great B2B order management system that streamlines the entire order process, making it easier for businesses to finish orders quickly. Rapidor has a simple interface that makes it easy to manage tasks from beginning to end. It has a variety of features, such as automated order processing, inventory management, and reporting choices, that can help improve order accuracy and efficiency.

The Rapidor support team is also available around the clock to help you get the most out of the system. The support team helps businesses get the most out of their processes and avoid any problems that could come up. Overall, using Rapidor as your B2B order management system can help you and your business be much more productive and successful.

Supports the complexity of B2B and your goals for sustainability

Rapidor is a very effective B2B order management system that can help you speed up the way you handle orders. This platform has many features that help you meet your environmental goals, like automatic order tracking and tracing. With Rapidor, you can handle all of your orders from a single platform and connect it to other systems to make it even more efficient. 

One of the best things about Rapidor is how easy it is to use, which can help you get better reviews from your customers. This platform’s advanced features and easy-to-use interface make it easy to handle the complexity of B2B orders and reach your sustainability goals. So, if you need a reliable and effective way to manage your B2B sales, you might want to give Rapidor a try.

Adapt to the diversity of your business.

Rapidor is the best option if you need a B2B order management system. This platform is good for businesses of all kinds and can adapt to any level of business complexity. With Rapidor, users can easily handle orders from anywhere in the world using a simple and easy-to-understand platform.

Rapidor has a lot of tools that can help you speed up the order processing process, like tracking and shipping updates in real time. You can keep track of your orders and make sure they are brought on time and to the right place with the help of these features. Overall, Rapidor is an excellent option for businesses that want to improve their B2B order management processes.

Scalability and speed should be improved.

Rapidor is an effective and scalable choice for businesses looking for the right B2B order management solution. Rapidor makes the whole order-to-fulfillment process easier by adding features that improve speed and scalability, such as real-time order tracking and order history. A central place for customers to manage their shopping is also helpful.

Rapidor’s increased efficiency and ability to grow can make a big difference for businesses of all kinds. Not only does it make sure orders are handled quickly and correctly, but it also gives businesses the tools they need to grow and expand their operations. Overall, picking the right B2B order management system like Rapidor can be the key to success in today’s competitive market.

Made for your business: Manufacturers, Distributors, Dealerships, and Service Providers.

Rapidor is a powerful B2B order management system that helps producers, distributors, dealerships, and service providers streamline their business processes. Rapidor is an all-in-one platform that offers custom options for each business situation. 

Rapidor helps handle orders for manufacturers by automating the whole process, from the quote to the delivery. For distributors, the tool lets them keep track of their stock and orders in real time, which makes fulfilment more efficient. Dealerships gain from how easy it is to keep track of customer orders and talk with sales teams. Service companies can use Rapidor’s features to keep track of recurring orders and improve customer service.

In short, Rapidor is made so that it can meet the specific needs of different businesses and their order management needs. It is a great option for businesses that want to streamline their operations and improve their bottom line because it can be changed to fit their needs.

Questions Often Asked

How is order management for B2B shopping different from that for B2C?

B2B ecommerce order management is more complicated than B2C because orders are bigger, prices change, and there are more ways to pay. Customers who buy from B2B companies often want prices that are different based on sales, discounts, and special offers. B2B ecommerce platforms must also be able to work with other systems, such as accounting and inventory management tools.

B2B order management also needs things like the ability to make quotes, get approvals for purchases, and ship to various locations. Order management for B2B is very different from order management for B2C because of these differences.

Do tools for B2B order management help orders get filled faster?

Yes, B2B order management tools are made to help businesses handle sales faster and better. Order entry, inventory management, and shipping are just a few of the tasks they automate in the order handling workflow. This technology can cut down on mistakes and slow downs in the process of fulfilling orders.

Faster order handling can make customers happier and help businesses make more money. By using B2B order management tools, businesses can make their processes more efficient and give their customers a better experience.


B2B Order Management is a difficult and complicated process, but it is very important to the success of an online store. Businesses can increase customer happiness and sales by making sure orders, inventory, and communication between teams are handled well. With Rapidor, you get a system that can adapt to any business complexity and help you meet your sustainability goals. It’s built for your business, including makers, distributors, dealerships, and service providers, so it can grow and work better. Are you ready to level up your B2B order management? Get quotes today from our pros!