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They work behind the scenes, constantly helping your team grow, and become more productive.
Every manual process in your order-to-cash function costs you time and money.
The digital workers will handle it, so your team 
can focus on customers and business.

Opportunity-to-order RapidBot

Distributors, dealers, and your sales team can now capture order details from their location of choice. Reports on sales performance, insights on revenue, profitability, and productivity are a button away. This RapidBot helps you do more with less!

Sustain-to-retain Rapidbot

Collect feedback from customers, partners, and even your team. Assign activities transforming employees to task-oriented team members. This RapidBot helps you keep your finger on the pulse and keeps you in touch with ground realities.


Inventory levels get optimized, orders become picking slips and get invoiced, every order is tracked every step of the way. With intuitive interfaces and intelligent alerts to keep workflow smooth, this RapidBot makes sure you are ahead of time!


Proactively procure to sell, adhere to approval processes, and get new suppliers onboard. This RapidBot keeps procurement operations smooth, keeps payables on track, and gives managers the insights they need to not leave any money on the table!


Centrally manage credit limits and direct sales actions to enhance revenue without taking on more risk. This RapidBot tells you what you need to know so you can streamline cash-flows and focus on the most crucial part of the business - getting paid!

Meet your new Virtual Credit Risk Assistant

She dynamically monitors and scores your business risk and customer credit profile.

If things get too risky, she can alert you, proactively call your customers for payment follow-ups (in your voice!), send them a link to complete the payment, and tell you how much your client listens to you!

If the going gets tough, she can suggest options that help meet and manage your working capital needs. She can help you reach out to banks, financial institutions, or lenders with just a click. Not just this, she helps you take actions today that keep you prepared for that rainy day when you need to raise capital!

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