Fashion Industry is flourishing day by day setting new trends. When it comes to fashion & apparels, everyone wants to have the clear view of the products they are purchasing. Rapidor catalogues provide complete product description such as product image, size, colours, variants, etc. Also, the business dashboards and reports from rapidor will help companies to optimise the production and procure enough stock for the seasonal sales and festivals.


Automotive companies are dealing with thousand different products and its variants, and this forms a massive inventory. Rapidor can have unlimited products with as many categories and sub-categories along with high-quality images. The sales team can quickly pick the products according to the customer requirements and place error free orders. As they meet retailers, they can view the live inventory from accounting & ERP systems.


FMCG companies can instantly get the orders from the market using rapidor. Sales reps have the clear updates on the availability of products at different warehouses. They will be notified about any offers and promotions while they are on the field and they will never miss a chance to sell. The manufacturer can have the clear market flow regarding primary and secondary orders.


Consumer durable and electronic products hold the significant share of the market. There are hundreds of companies promoting and selling products in this industry. Rapidor can effectively help the companies & employees to assign and complete the daily activities and tasks. While the feet on the street are performing their daily number of activities their managers can get the alerts and updates as soon they complete it.


Building and construction material manufacturing industry are rapidly progressing. It comprises a vast variety of small and big tools and accessories. For a manufacturer or a distributor, it would be a headache to handle a big inventory of items in a traditional way. Rapidor is the real solution for the same, enabling smart order taking, real-time inventory, instant updates on price changes and promotions and much more.


Medicines and pharma products are as essential as food and air for human life. Of late companies are also investing more in the industry. Unlike other products and services, it is very critical to be accurate in product details, description, validity etc when companies sell this as it can cause serious damage. Rapidor is the smart and impeccable solution for all these. With the beautiful catalogue, the sales team can have the full details about the product along with crisp images.